We offer Architectural Design & 3D Visualisation for companies in 1st world countries. 

We simultaneously design buildings free of charge for Charities & people who cannot afford architects in development countries.

Opportunities for Charity Work are created by our Commercial Clients who pay our salary.

Years of experience in leading London design studios ensure high quality work. 

Commercial Clients who pay our fees contribute to change.
Everyone wins!


"We believe considered design has the ability to raise standards of living and should be accessible for everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances. This is why we do Charity Architecture Projects free of charge in addition to our commercial Design & 3D Visualisation services."

- Founders of Native Narrative, Cecilie Wang & Jakob Gate



Cecilie Wang

Project Manager & Business Developer

Prior to starting Native Narrative Cecilie managed international High-end Exhibition Interior projects from early brief and conceptual development to site management and finished inhabited construction. 

Cecilie has successfully delivered projects in the following cities: London, Berlin, Brussels,  Barcelona, Vancouver, Washington, Seoul and in her native Copenhagen.

Detailed work history can be found here

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Jakob Gate

Architectural Designer & Visualiser

Prior to starting Native Narrative Jakob worked for leading design studios in the U.K. China & Indonesia on projects ranging in scale from masterplanning to furniture.

Design studios Jakob have worked with includes: Heatherwick Studio, Softroom, Foster & Partners, Inspiral Design Studios & Papa Architects.

Detailed work history can be found here



Edward G. Nazario

Project Coordinator

Prior to joining Native Narrative Edward has been (and still is) a celebrated locally elected community leader, fighting for children’s rights. Edward has 7 years of construction experience and an extensive network in communities around Ormoc City in the Philippines. 

Edward is responsible for Native Narrative's communication with local governments and communities, coordination of contractors involvement in the design & building process as well as identifying where there is a need for Native Narrative to get involved in new charity architecture projects.


Collaboration Partners

Native Narrative collaborates with Charities, NGO's, local Universities and Governments from the start of the design process & strives for region-influenced design while creating employment opportunities along the way. Native Narrative is providing Charities with architectural design and project management consultancy free of charge.


Scandinavian Intior Designer
Scandinavian Design Studio
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Ormoc City Government - Mayor Richard Gomez

Throughout out our time in Ormoc City (nearly the entire year 2017), we have established a close collaboration with Mayor Richard Gomez and his administration.

After completing one charity architecture project October 2017, Native Narrative now runs 4 Charity Architecture Projects expected to be finished spring 2018. These buildings will be implemented in rural areas around Ormoc City (In the Philippines) and receive full financial support from the local government. Native Narrative will however still be giving time and expertise free of charge.

Read more about Native Narrative's collaboration with Ormoc City Government  here.





The Sheryl Lynn Foundation

With a main focus on children and education, The Sheryl Lynn Foundation has since it was was founded in 2007 actively helped and supported thousands of Filipino children in poverty.

The first Native Narrative designed learning center was a project initiated by the Sheryl Lynn Foundation in collaboration with Rural Development Initiatives who commissioned Native Narrative as the lead Design & Project Management consultant on a non-profit basis.


Read more about Native Narrative's collaboration with The Sheryl Lynn Foundation here.




Rural Development Initiatives (RDI)

As a local NGO based in Ormoc City, RDI is has played an important role in rebuilding communities in the aftermath of several natural disasters, herunder Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. The RDI team is everyday  pursuing rural development and democratisation in villages in and around Ormoc City. 

After having lived nearly a year with the RDI team being a part of the local filipino community, an understanding of Filipino culture emerged which fundamentally informed our work.

Read more about Native Narrative's collaboration with Rural Development Initiatives here





The Danish Arts Foundation, Committee for Architecture Grants and Project Funding

In the pursue the constructing additional 4 learning centers in villages around Ormoc City spring 2018, The Danish Arts Foundation announced in November 2017, that they are willing to fund Native Narrative's involvement in the projects.

Read more about Native Narrative's collaboration with the Danish Arts Foundation here







Eastern Visayas State University

Through seminars and lectures have we been sharing our knowledge and expertise within the field of Project Management and Architectural Design with Engineering Students studying at Eastern Visayas State University.


Read more about Native Narrative's collaboration with Eastern Visayas State University here.






Carl Fosholt - Lead Structrual Engineer, Build Change

In the pursue of constructing typhoon and earthquake resilient buildings, Carl Fosholt is providing technical assistance for Native Narrative's design and construction of learning centers.

Carl is providing reviews and recommendations for design drawings, construction drawings, material specifications, construction progress, etc to ensure the requirements of the National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP) are met and that basic principles of disaster resistant construction are employed. 

Read more about Carl Fosholt here.