Learning Center in Village Danhug, Ormoc City, Island of Leyte, Philippines

After completing the first Learning Center in Village Cagbuhangin in the autumn 2017, Native Narrative was commissioned by Ormoc City Government to design and implement an additional 3 learning centers in the spring 2018. This will be the 4th constructed Center around Ormoc City and is expected to open summer 2018. 

The learning center can be understood as a “drop-in” after-school facility and a safe environment that motivates the youth in the age of 4-17 to study, play and form an inspired relationship to self directed learning.

In collaboration with Ormoc City Government Native Narrative aims to improve Children's right across all 110 villages in Ormoc, by constructing a learning center in each village. Every Building is refined and updated based on experiences designing and constructing previous Centers.



Learning Center Salvation 5_ @Native Narrative.jpg
Learning Center Salvation 6_ @Native Narrative.jpg
Learning Center Salvation 8_ @Native Narrative.jpg
Learning Center Salvation 7_ @Native Narrative.jpg

Project Funding

This project is fully funded by Ormoc City Government. 

On behalf of Mayor Richard Gomez (Ormoc City Government), Native Narrative is leading the project from the beginning of brief development, conceptual design, through to final design stages and overseeing the construction.

Native Narrative is giving all services free of charge. However, the danish Art Foundations decided December 2017 to support Native Narrative's work. Read more about our collaboration with the Danish Art Foundation here. 



Located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” the Phillippines is highly vulnerable to typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic activities, floods and tsunamis. The country ranks as the third most disaster-prone country in the world based on the 2015 World Risk Index. Each of the Learning Center Projects are constructed Typhoon and Earthquake resilient.