Would you like a project with your coffee?

When we arrived there was a slight worry that we would not find enough opportunities to help out. Turns out there is very little need to worry. We live in a room adjacent to the RDI office and naturally meet the visitors RDI have over. This conversation took place one morning.


Visitor _ Hi Good mornign Im JL

Jakob_ hi Good morning nice to meet you (sipping coffee, trying to wake up)

Visitor_ We need a designer to help us with a dairy facility

Jakob_ do you have funding?

Visitor_ yes

Jakob_ do you have an engineer?

Visitor_ maybe

Jakob_is this for the government?

Visitor_ no

Jakob_ who is it for then?

Visitor_ its for the milk association

Jakob_ when do you need the design completed?

Visitor_ in 4 weeks

Jakob_ ok then lets do it , ill meet you on site tomorrow, please bring an engineer if you can find one!

Visitor_ thank you, See you tomorrow!