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Learning Center in Village Juaton, Ormoc City, Island of Leyte, Philippines

In order to accommodate smaller budgets and land-availability, Native Narrative have developed 3 Learning Center Prototypes, each prototype vary in size and price. The project in village Juaton sits as a "medium" size in between the "small" and the "large" learning center prototype. The project is currently in concept stage.  We are right now seeking funding partners for this project.

The learning center can be understood as a “drop-in” after-school facility and a safe environment that motivates the youth in the age of 4-17 to study, play and form an inspired relationship to self directed learning.


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Learning Center Juaton @Native Narrative .jpg


The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world based on the world risk index. As it’s located in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ the country is highly vulnerable to typhoons, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. In order to enhance a typhoon and earthquake resilient structure, the column layout is kept simple and symmetric, while the structure itself is made of reinforced concrete with hollow block walls and a lightweight metal roof, protected from typhoons behind a parapet wall.