UNDP Relocation Area

In the outskirts of Ormoc, close to one of our sites in Cagbuhangin is the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) Relocation Site. 55 families have moved here as their homes were destroyed by typhoon Yolanda. The homes are built well and the spaces in between offer opportunities for additional structures where social interactions and livelihood could happen. 

This area was established for people living close to the coastline (often fishermen) who would be in a significant danger if / when a new Typhoon would hit the island. Therefore UNDP supported this relocation and funded the architectural intervention so that families could be safe. 

Some of the challenges that the area today are facing is:

  • All of the families used to have their main income from fishing, since they are now located away from the coastline they can no longer work as fishermen and will have to seek employment as either farmers or carpenters Unfortunately they often lack these skills.

  • The area is quite isolated from the closest nearby village, which makes it difficult for the relocated families to integrate and be a part of the local nearby community.

  • Since the relocated families was initially brought together from many different villages, they didn't know each other before moving into this area so the families are living very divided lives as they don't have an common ground to meet.

Our aim is to create a communal space where by the families will have a common ground to meet and play. We will be working on this in collaboration with the Sheryl Lynn Foundation and RDI.