"How do architects & engineers approach design in different ways?"

"How can ideas evolve by creating generations of options?"

"How are 3d models influencing the design process?"

These were some of the topics discussed yesterday as I had the pleasure of giving the first in a series of lectures at EVSU, Ormoc to incredibly welcoming and inspired students. For little over a year we have been lucky enough to be receiving occasional construction advice from Professor Vincente Duallo and now we finally had an opportunity to return the favour to about 70 of his 5th year engineering students.

I also spoke about my University  experience in London, commercial offices in UK, Indonesia & China and last years Charity work here in the Philippines. My aim was to leave the students inspired and with a feeling that there are many ways to approach the industry and many situations where an engineer is needed. No matter what happens, recessions included, find a way to keep working and developing!

I'm already looking forward to next weeks lecture.