Fathers Day Demolition

Yesterday, as it was fathers day here in the Philippines, 16 volunteering Police Officers from the local village worked hard in the scorching sun. They used sledgehammers and ropes and by the end of the day an old building was demolished. Watching people working in this heat and giving so much to their local community, when they could have chosen to be home with their families in the shade, was a humbling experience.

The building, an old jail cell, will give way for the first prototype of a Children's Learning Center.  Hopefully this center will help provide enough opportunities for the children to develop into adults that will never again see another jail cell. 

This week we're starting excavation work while we simultaneously develop Native Narrative's Visualisation Projects. 

We are currently looking for architects, developers or designers who's in need of Architectural Visualisation. These commercial jobs are allowing us to work free of charge, and create the opportunities for the Charity projects we do here in the Phillippines. 

Please help us spread the word to architects & designers.