It has begun

We have arrived in Leyte island which got international attention as it was one of the worst affected areas when the typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines in 2013. Visiting the area today shows that a lot of rebuilding have already been done by national as well as international help organisations. Many of which are unfortunately no longer active and the area still suffers. We are now collaborating with some of the local organisations still active in the area: Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) and the Sheryl Lynn Foundation (SLF).

RDI has been deeply involved in a large range of projects on the Leyte island for over 20 years and has a huge local network and a great insight into daily challenges of the local communities.

SLF the project initiator and fundraiser of our first project is a small organisation with large ambitions, its main focus is on children and education.

Working with RDI & SLF gives us an opportunity to ensure we are creating design for the real needs of the local communities. In the last few weeks we've been visiting several local Barangays (villages) and completed work by RDI and the Sheryl Lynn Foundation. These projects have been greatly appreciated and its clear that these are very worthwhile projects.