Blackout Pt 2

Before the earthquake the ice distribution plant across the street was heavily trafficed, but now it sort of looks like a festival. Music is playing and there are plenty of cars and tricycles randomly parked outside and all  of them are here to get ice.

The city has been nearly a week without a power and reliable water. All electricity comes from noisy, smelly,  polluting diesel generators. Considering these sell new on ebay for $20.000 there are surprisingly many of them we see around. By now we have gotten used to wearing headphones as earplugs when we sleep.

 Occasionally we see charging stations around and there are plenty of people selling solar powered flashlights. 

On a positive side note Ormoc is undeniably more beautiful in candlelight than from the cold blue artificial daylight lighbulbs most people use. Our neighbours are saying that rather than being stuck in front of digital devices, family members now talk and feel more connected as they go to fetch water or look for something in the house using a flashlight.

What consequences are to be expected as a result of power shortage? Food, sanitation, livelihood and economy, it's hard to think of any areas that are not affected.

Fridges and freezers are only in temporary use. Meat is constantly frozen and thawned. Many people are temporarily out of business and if they normally just about manage to live hand to mouth they might well be struggling to buy food now and other supplies now.

The government is helping out, we have seen evidence of food being handed out.  but despite being given with the best intentions it cannot nearly be enough.