Earthquake / Blackout

Its now 2 days into the Earthquake aftermath.

3 People have died, over 100 are injured. Some people have not only lost their homes but also their lot as areas might not be safe to rebuild in. Many houses are partially destroyed. Some people are now staying in make shift tents as their homes could fall apart in an aftershock (there has been many). There is almost no electricity. Very few places (hotels and expensive restaurants) have a petrol generators running but certain hours of the day only. Some charging stations have been set up for phones and emergency lights. Some roads are in bad shape and there are plenty of landslide areas. The military is handing out canned food.

We have spent the day in badly affected mountain villages, trying to make sense of the devastation. We are of course ready to provide architectural help where needed but its unclear how we can best make use of our abilities at this point. 

If you know someone who lost their home to the earthquake and needs advice before taking on the rebuilding process, please contact us, we are here to help!