OFFCIAL OPENING OF Children's Learning Center

Last week the Children's Learning Center finally opened in Village Cagbuhangin. The ceremony was a beautiful and emotional well attended event that featured representatives from The Local City Government, Brgy (Village) Cagbuhangin, the very multidimensional project initiator and donor DJ Sheryl Lynn Callister, Rural Development Initiative (Local NGO), JV Enterprises, local residents, friends and others. 

Native Narrative would like to give special thanks to: The Sheryl Lynn Foundation for starting the project, bringing us in to the team, connecting us to the local community and making a significant first contribution of project funds. The RDI team for treating us like family and providing an endless supply of local knowledge. Mayor Richard Gomez and the entire local Government in Ormoc City (way too many people to mention all) for the financial support and believing in us. All people who took part in the construction process, you have our deepest appreciation and respect.

Finally we also like to thank our commercial client's as they are paying our salary and allows us to give our time and expertise for free to important projects like this.

The regional newspaper EV Mail featured Native Narrative and project collaborators earlier this week, (article below). The local Government are also this week featuring us on their website, see more here.

We now look forward to building at least another 3 Learning Centers in 2018. Stay tuned for more info. 


For more details about this particular project, see HERE.