Collaboration Partner - Ormoc City Government

After being seriously devastated by typhoon Haiyan in 2013, Ormoc City is now on a path of recovery led by Mayor Richard Gomez. Before becoming a politician, Gomez had a remarkable multidisciplinary career as an actor, model, elite athlete and television presenter in the Philippines. Since Gomez’ arrival in office in the spring 2016, Ormoc City has undergone a huge transformation and is now a city in development and progress.


Throughout out our time in Ormoc City (In total 2 years: 2017/2018), we have established a close collaboration with Mayor Richard Gomez and his administration. After completing one project last month, Native Narrative now runs 3 Charity Architecture Projects expected to be finished spring 2018. These buildings will be implemented in rural areas around Ormoc City and receive full financial support from the local Government. Native Narrative will however still be giving time and expertise free of charge.


The collaboration with Mayor Richard Gomez and his administration means a great deal to us. Together we are able to provide safe environments where children can study and play. In addition to the Learning Center projects, we are currently discussing Native Narrative's involvement in the design of a Woman Rescue Center on behalf of the local Government in Ormoc City.


More information about Ormoc City Government and Richard Gomez can be found here: